My Natural Hair Journey


For everyone that knows me personally, they know that I've been natural (no relaxer) for about three years. For as long as I can remember, I've gotten a relaxer and all I knew was straight hair. Well my hairstylist decided that she no longer wanted to relax my hair so we switched to the silk press process. However, for most of that process I wore weaves, because I wanted long flowing hair. Then I decided that the weaves were not beneficial to me and then we switched back to just the silk press. I would go every two weeks and get my hair bone straight. I must admit though I felt boring, like I was getting the same hair style each time. Because of this, I decided to dye it, but once again, I'm still not satisfied. I kept looking at my co-worker's natural hair and I loved it and wanted awesome curls too. Shout out to Etta she encouraged me to embrace my curls (flat iron freedom).

Well last year, I decided no more silk press and that I was going to wear my curls. I started with canceling one appointment, bought me some natural hair products, and did my first twist out. Needless to say it did not come out like the Youtube video and I didn't quite like it, but I refused to give up.

So I cancelled all of my appointments and the rest was history.

I'm not going to say that my natural hair journey has been easy, but I feel like it was worth it. However, lately, I've not been too happy with my hair. So I figured it was time to finally visit someone.  Today, I went to the beauty shop for the first time in a year.  I was in dire need of a haircut. What was different this time is that Ms. Markeita specializes in natural hair and she was able to give me some advice. I walked out of her shop feeling like a new woman!!

Before My Visit With Ms. Markeita

After....Total Difference and I love it!!!

How was your natural hair journey. What are some of the things that you liked or disliked? Are you still transitioning? Let's discuss it!! Leave your comments below!!