Why Start A Blog???


Sooo..why am I starting a blog?  This has been something that I’ve wanted to do for a very long time, but my excuse was that I was to busy with work, school, life, etc. The truth of the matter is that I just didn’t want to find the time. Now I’m finished with school so what’s next for me? Of course it’s time to start the blog that I’ve always talked about. Without getting to deep, I feel like it’s time to find my purpose. You hear a lot of people saying, “Find your Purpose In Life!!”, “Find the thing that you were placed on this earth to do!!!”, “Step Into your Destiny!!!” You hear these things and think What the hell does that even mean??? (At least I do anyway). For the longest I thought that being successful in the corporate world was my purpose. After all, what other reason would I be attending school for. I had found this thing (HR) that that I seemingly loved and I was pretty good at it, so my purpose is to go to work and live the American dream by purchasing a house, marrying the love of my life, have an awesome vow renewal, buying and wearing cute clothes, shoes, and purses. However, I’m finding that I still feel a little empty inside. In other words, the outside looks fabulous and the perception is that I have it all together and on the inside I feel incomplete. So now I’m 33 and I have to figure out what it is that I want out of life (What’s my purpose, what is this thing that keeps tugging away at me ?)  While listening to the podcast Bevy Says, I heard her say that “To find your purpose in life/what it is that makes you happiest, you need to tap into your inner child and what you loved doing as a child.”  This made me start thinking, what is it that I loved as a child. Well I was a huge reader and I’ve always loved books, but most of all of the loved the stories in those books and I loved to write. Ah-ha That’s it, writing is what I love to do!!

So now we’re back to the question of Why Start a Blog??? Well it’s simple, this is me tapping into my inner child and trying to figure out my purpose.