Ok so…I know I’m a little late with this post, please don’t shoot me. I went to see Beyonce’ about two weeks ago by my-goddamn-self!! Yeah I said it, I went entirely alone. I’ve decided that I’m no longer going to buy cheap tickets to concerts, shows, plays..etc. I was going to pony up the money for the good seats (Obviously not floor seats, because I hate those. I would get the next best thing!!!) So when my husband offered to buy me tickets for my birthday, I swiftly told him, “I would rather you buy me one really good ticket instead of buying two cheap tickets” and that’s exactly what he did!!! I know most of you guys are like, “You went by yourself???!!! I could not do that!!!” My answer to you is “Yes, I went by myself and you absolutely could do it.” I picked out my outfit, went to my good girlfriend DePaul and let him beat my face off, and pulled up in that b*%ch by my lonesome. Hell I was even running late, but who was gonna fuss at me…NOBODY!! Exactly!! I parked, got me some food, and promptly took my seat. By this time DJ Khaled was on the stage which lasted about 30 minutes, then we waited. The best thing about being alone, was I didn’t have to make small talk while waiting for Yonce’!! Now, I must admit that sitting here alone with my thoughts may have been a little bit dangerous (See below for Top 10 Thoughts While Waiting on Beyonce’). Then, the lights turned down, stage started to glow, and we all lost it when the first few beats of Formation kicked on!! Let me just say, I was not disappointed, because Beyonce’ showed her a** that night. I was thoroughly entertained from beginning to end. Hell, I even stood up so long that someone was able to sit in my seat and I’ve never stood up like that at a concert. When I say I got my life…I got my whole entire life that night. I danced and sung like I was with a group of my homegirls and it was just me!!!

Here’s the thing, would I have love to go to the concert with someone??? Absolutely, but I wasn’t going to pay for their ticket, I was not sitting in the nose bleeds and I didn’t want to hear, “Girl..How much is the tickets??” “Why we gotta have those seats?” “? Ain’t no cheaper ones??” “I don’t know if I can go”. After all I had just been burned by a close friend who said she would go out of town, but left me with the bill for her portion of the hotel and her hair show ticket. So, hell no I wasn’t going to pay for anyone’s ticket and wait for them to pay me back..No Ma’am!! I learned my lesson. Getting older, I realize that sometimes it’s just easier to do things alone. In this case, I enjoyed myself to the fullest, at the concert alone!!

My Top 10 Thoughts While Waiting for Beyonce’

  1. I wish they would sit their a** down and stop walking so much up and down this row.
  2. Hmmm…this lady in front of me is by herself too.
  3. Damn Sprint…my signal is sh*% right now, I can’t post anything.
  4. Somebody behind me breath smells like garbage….I hope they don’t be singing the whole time.
  5. He has on a blue wig…that’s interesting.
  6. What’s with all the body suits and fishnet stockings.
  7. What the hell!!! Is that a man in full drag, sequin dress, and beard? Hell yes it is!!
  8. What time is it??? Beyonce’ better hurry up, I’m getting sleepy.
  9. When Beyonce’ comes on stage, I’m not going to lose my sh*$
  10. Ohhh Helll!!! The concert’s starting…YAASSSSSSS QUEEN BEEEEE YAASSSSSSS!!!

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