Happy Birthday Jilly From Philly!!!


Today is Jill Scott's 44th birthday!!! If you've never heard even one Jill Scott song you are missing out on a treat. For the longest, I've wanted to see her in concert and I finally got my chance last August. I was not prepared for what Lady Jill had in store for me. She walked in and after the first song those heels came off and instantly I knew I was in for a good show. That woman used her voice and only her voice as an instrument. She took me on some highs and lows and guess what, I loved every moment of it. Picture this, you finally get to hear your favorite artist sing your favorite song live. There is two ways the situation could go, the artist can either deathly disappoint or they could mesmerize you. Well I was mesmerized, star struck, amazed and everything else. The seats were perfect, the venue was perfect, my date was perfect.

I've decided that every time Jill comes to Houston, I'm going to buy a ticket!!

For you guys that no nothing of Jill Scott, here is two videos of her singing two of my favorite songs. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!!

Who's your favorite artist??? Have you had a chance to see them in concert? How was it??