Brandy Has Declared She Is The Sh*T With New Release

For those of you that don’t know Brandy Norwood is a singer that gained popularity in the 90s and early 2000s. She came into the scene as a sweet 16 year girl with a powerful voice winning the hearts of teenage girls with songs like “Best Friend”, “Baby, Baby, Baby”, and “Sitting Up In My Room”. Needless to say I was one of those teenage girls and I’ve basically grew up with Brandy from listening to her music, watching her on Moesha, and the birth of her daughter. At heart, I am a diehard Brandy fan. I own all of her albums from beginning to end and there are some that I really love (Full Moon and Afrodisiac) and some that I don’t love (Human). In era where Beyonce’ has mesmerized the world (me included) with her provocative dance moves and commanding voice, singers like Brandy, Monica, and Jazmine Sullivan have been tossed to the wayside and forgotten about (Top 40 stations don’t really play their music). As if there can only be one Queen of the Voices. Now don’t get me wrong, Beyonce’ is the Queen of Entertainment. You go see one of her shows and you will be fully entertained. However, what about the Queen of the Gospel Runs or the Queen of Giving me Chill Bumps While Only Standing At The Mic? If you ask me, Brandy has been one of the most underrated artist in the last decade or so. Well Brandy has decided that she will no longer be underrated and that both her and her voice are the Sh*T!!!

She released a new track called Beggin and Pleadin!!! Beggin and Pleadin was first released on SoundCloud. The first day she announced the release, I clicked on the link and heard the first couple of instrument chords. I knew right then I wasn’t quite ready, because once I heard the song I was going to instantly want an album. Over the next few weeks I watched as buzzed grew. Then finally, she released it on iTunes. I knew that was my cue to listen and I was not disappointed. At first it sounds like an old school blues song and then that bass kicks in and the song takes on a whole new life. I am so proud of her as this song showcases her vocal range and ability. The song literally gave me chills. Welcome Back Brandy and I can’t wait for the album to drop.

If you haven’t heard Beggin and Pleadin, listen below and tell me what you think!!