I don't know about any of my other curvy girls that have gone to prom, but my prom dress was a hot mess. My mom wasn't a shopper so we decided that we would have a close family friend make my dress. I knew I wanted a silver dress. So we bought satin....yes satin silver fabric along with some shiny ass silver fabric for a cover up and we took it to her. Well I ended up looking like the silver surfer, it was not a good look. Matter of fact, I'm hoping that all of those prom pictures have been destroyed. Prom should be the time where you feel completely beautiful and perfect. There should be no reason that anyone has to wear a dress that they are not entirely happy with. So here are some of my picks for stylish and fun curvy girl prom dresses.

My first stop was David's Bridal. I absolutely love David's Bridal. I've bought bridesmaids dresses and both of my wedding dresses came from there.

My next stop was Asos. Now I've never really shopped there, but I've been to their website a few times and they have beautiful clothing. The only thing that I can say about their website is that is was kind of hard to navigate when I was trying to find plus-size prom dresses. For that reason, you can click on each dress and go directly to it.

While Googling "Plus-Size Prom Dresses" I stumbled upon Rachel Allan. At first glance the dresses at Rachel Allan look like they belong at the Ms. Teen American pageant (matter of fact, I think they are), because they was a lot of beading and sequence. There's nothing wrong with that if you want a really dramatic dress, but I found two that was a little less dramatic .

Now if you want to take a little bit of an understated approach, then a bridesmaids dress is perfect. This is what we did with my cousin. She really wanted a bubble bottom dress and we were able to get her exactly what she wanted by using a bridesmaids dress and dressing it up with some accessories.

White by Vera Wang at David's Bridal had some gorgeous bridesmaids dresses that can be glamed up with nice accessories.

Bridal designer Watters plus size line WToo also had some beautiful bridesmaids dresses that could double as prom dresses.

No matter whether you choose to go full glam with rhinestones and tulle or you like a more subtle approach with lace and chiffon. The fact of the matter is that you should feel comfortable and beautiful. Get the dress that you want and don't let anyone deter you from your vision on how you want to look for your prom. Just like your wedding, it's all about you and 10 years from now when you look at your prom pictures the last thing you should be thinking is, "What the hell was I thinking." Remember pictures last a long time and in this digital age those pictures will probably be around forever!!

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